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Life is full of important occasions that must be celebrated stylishly. Our recipe for excellence includes a magical combination of stylishly prepared dishes, first class services, years of experience and a lot of originality. Our objective is that you be relaxed and enjoy the celebration together with your friends and family. We are there to take care even of the slightest details so that you can be a guest to your own party.

Celebrate your love with passion for perfection!

Of all the events of your life, the wedding can be the most personal, exciting and important one. You want it to be unique, just like you, to reflect your life and to keep it in your memory forever. Gastrom understands these events and what makes them special, from traditional weddings to the non-conformist ones.

We know that organising your wedding can be sometimes stressful but it can also be an experience from which you can learn a lot of things and it can prove to be even fun. We are looking forward to help you set everything in the most pleasant and relaxing way possible. As Gastrom Catering offers complete services, not only do we guarantee you an extraordinary experience for your wedding, but we can help you, at the same time, to find the best providers available. From music to photography and floral decorations, Gastrom can recommend you a list with the best companies on each segment.

It is important for us that you do not feel neglected throughout the planning process of the event. Relations represent everything in our business and our goal is to build long-term relations with our clients. We are looking forward to working together for your wedding and much more afterwards!

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